The wedding of your dreams

Your wedding is a special event: plan it with the best professionists


The wedding of your dreams

There is not a woman on earth who doesn’t dream of a wedding day that is totally perfect.
This is why we make sure that you can be relaxed and concentrate exclusively on the magical and long-anticipated moment: when you pronounce the words “I do”.
An accomplished wedding planner will be at your total disposal from the very first moment you decide to organize the event – helping you make your choices and advising you about every detail of the day – to when the very last guest has gone home after the reception.
We will work to make your wedding day a very special event: an authentic waking dream.

Is there such a thing as the perfect wedding?

We will take care of your wedding day with the same spirit we would have if it was our own special day: with passion.
We are convinced that there is no specific model for the perfect wedding. But there is definitely such a thing as the perfect wedding for you. This is why organizing a wedding is truly an art form that needs careful planning – down to the smallest detail. This is especially true if you are thinking of getting married in Milan.
Our wedding planner can guarantee that every detail will be taken care of with precision and scheduled around your personal commitments and needs.
Being a good listener and a creative professional are only two of the impressive skills our wedding planner possesses. You will be accompanied through this unforgettable experience by an artiste.

Luxurious weddings

A luxurious wedding does not mean pomp and ostentation. It means refinement and elegance. When originality is combined with taste, the experience of the wedding event reveals the qualities needed to make it the quintessential “Day”.

We choose to collaborate exclusively with trusted, top-quality suppliers for every service – professionals who are particularly adept at intensifying the magnificent products under the hallmark of Made in Italy.

Whether you are a native of Milan and would like to be married surrounded by the beauty of this city or you come from outside the capital (or perhaps even from abroad) – we guarantee you the same careful attention to detail when choosing the perfect location for your event: classic and timeless or maybe a place that is original and out of the ordinary.

Getting married in Milan means having a wide variety of places to choose from ranging from the typical ancient castels and luxurious villas to any other location you really love: in any case, being able to count upon the appraisal of an expert wedding planner is most definitely a critical advantage.

We have worked with many brides and with great enthusiasm and care, preparing memorable ceremonies for them that were invariably original from every point of view.

Feel free to contact us so we can start planning your special day.

Start living the wedding of your dreams today!


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I turned to Julia when it was clear that planning a wedding in Italy, in a small village of the coast from London, was an impossible task…. Not only Julia was able to take in hand the situation with professionalism, efficiency and enthusiasm from the first phone call, but she was able to realize all my desires and make sure that my only concern was to be at the most for the wedding day.
Giulia was able to organize and manage guests from different parts of Europe in an excellent manner, satisfying even the most unusual requests.
Giulia managed to find the best solution for all my ideas, even the most bizzarre, and made the day memorable not only for me and my husband but for all our friends.

Giorgia - London 29 January 2015

Sono un fiorista di Padova e ho collaborato con Giulia in diversi contesti. Matrimoni civili e religiosi, con allestimenti molto importanti, riuscendo sempre a ottenere ottimi risultati accontentando le spose più esigenti pur nel rispetto di budget e tempistiche. E’ un vero piacere lavorare insieme!!

Samuel Barbiero
23 January 2015