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Sono un fiorista di Padova e ho collaborato con Giulia in diversi contesti. Matrimoni civili e religiosi, con allestimenti molto importanti, riuscendo sempre a ottenere ottimi risultati accontentando le spose più esigenti pur nel rispetto di budget e tempistiche. E’ un vero piacere lavorare insieme!!

Samuel Barbiero
23 January 2015

While living in The Netherlands, we couldn’t but get married in Rome, our city. But how to organize the wedding there, both of us living and working so far? After few emails, the first time we met Giulia was on a Saturday morning, in front of the church we choose. Her smile instantaneously told us we could fully trust her. That smile told us she would not just do a job, but she would take care of us. And that allowed me, kind of control freak, to live a wonderful time, first dreaming and then living a perfect day, without any concern but the certainty that, if any issue was coming, Giulia would solve it even before I knew. And it has been literally like it. Giulia guided us: lightly, listening to our wishes and proposing solutions (within budget!) to draw the marriage on our desires, making the day special. Most frequent received comments? “It was the most beautiful wedding we attended” “You were the most relaxed bride I’ve ever seen”. Thanks!

31 May 2016